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Originally Posted by GR View Post
Drop-in at $25? You guys have it cheap there, in GTA, all fields decided to go ballistic and now drop-in on average is around ~35 - 40$... Talk about a hike from $15...
Lol... it's actually closer to $35 atm. $25 is entry, mandatory field bbs but free shitty bb's til end of the month. After that, shitty bb's are $15 per 1000, which jacks the price up closer to $45 after tax.

Mind you its an outdoor field that's barely had any changes in a decade (though they paved rhe driveway recently) and doubles as a paintball field. Gameplay is shitty as hell as of late after milsig's acquisition of the field and it's pretty much the ONLY field available at all, so they've got a bit of a monopoly going on...

Compared to you guys in the GTA, you've got a number of GOOD indoor and outdoor fields for pretty much the same price... with people who can actually run a decent game.

So yeah... bit of a rant.

Bit back on topic... you're really better off getting a cheap AEG for yourself and borrowing a couple of high caps for you buddy. First game, keep it simple. Don't recommend slapping a bunch of gear they're not used to on them. Most noobs run around with an AEG and a high cap and it works pretty well. BA's are fun for plinking but unless you upgrade them, they're fairly useless on the field, especially with the all the ignore MED full auto spray and pray attitude I've seen at that field lately...
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