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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
find new friends. lol.

if you're going to buy a springer sniper at least get one that will have parts when it breaks.
new friends..probably not. I found that after many years, it's really hard to make friends that stick anymore. We usually go out and play pool, that's more expensive than playing airsoft really hour for $15, usually stay for 3 hours..which is funny..

It says the rifle takes vsr-10 stuff aside from hopup and tigger (takes a bit of mod apparently for hopup unit)... those gas semi or bolt look so sweet in US, but a bit too expensive here. Rather not get myself blacklisted and nexus revoked just for an airsoft gun....

Originally Posted by GR View Post
Drop-in at $25? You guys have it cheap there, in GTA, all fields decided to go ballistic and now drop-in on average is around ~35 - 40$... Talk about a hike from $15...
yeah well, from $10, that's big increase. personally I like indoors, but we don't have them anymore..I mean to be fair, panther went ahead and renovated the place. I'm alright for $25 drop in, although $10-$15 would be sweet like last year..
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