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Getting a airsoft "sniper" rifle as a backup


After a long ass semester of schooling, I start to wonder whether or not buying a bolt action is a good option for a backup weapon. I know it's a weapon that's meant for a shit ton of upgrades, but I'm just not going to upgrade it at all. Reason being I want to get one of my friends to play with us. I work at a hunting store, so I get crappy air rifle scopes for cheap or even free (not really that crappy actually, I just looked through one, really clear and good 3-9 zoom and 40mm)

my friend don't want to spend any money on gear or gun (nor rent, because panther became pretty darn expensive in 2015) I have to provide him something to play with. Most likely I will end up using the cheap $100 bolt action and giving him the AEG to play with and hoping he would buy some gear to play with us.

gonna buy the FN Herstal SPR A5M, probably the cheapest across Canada with free shipping..

Anyone think this is a good idea? :wink: I don't want to buy him an $200-$300 AEG LOL...

my friend (different one) who plays with me regularly is quiting airsoft just because he heard panther's drop-in fee is $25 now instead of $10 along with richmond not doing airsoft anymore...he said he is gonna buy a cheap ass clear soft shotgun to play with me once in in the end I might even have to give up because I like to play with friends

*Edit* Bought a IWI Tar-21 Eilte, not getting a bolt anymore. gonna install the 3-9x40mm scope on there to make it look stupid LOL but functional.

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