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I own the A&K shotgun. Its a great shotgun lots of power, and the accuracy is amazing on it. Mags are pretty easy to find, under 30 bucks depending on where you go and they hold a good 30+ rounds. The only down falls about this shotgun would be the lack of rounds going down range. Since its a single barrel design its only going to be shooting one round at a time. Also the gun is a tad heavier then other shotguns. The weight is about 8 pounds. I personally am a huge fan of shotguns. I have ton of them and this one is one i like to use in woodland. Your going to get an easy 50 feet range+ on this gun with enough power to punch through the branches. I wouldn't buy any springs to lower the fps unless you are going to be doing cqb and it has to shoot under 350 fps, the thing is tho i never came across any springs for it yet. I hope this helps.

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