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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
In my opinion their is no real reason to put any manufacturer on this list that is not readily available in Canada. Which basically leaves

King Arms


Unless you want to fully disclosed how to self import then having a more comprehensive list would then be beneficial, and make more sense. I have yet to see a deepfire or DYTAC complete AEG in Canada in the last 10 years, including some really odd ball gun brands is truly a waste of your limited time. I wouldn't even include TM, classic army or JG.

Canada is a huge country, their could be geographic differences in what is readily available. I suspect that Ontario/Quebec has a far larger variety of brands of guns available due to bootlegging from south of the border, Alberta appears to be dominated in order by these brands.


Speaking of which. I would add into the guide, Do not buy a sidearm if you are a newbie, Buy a SECOND long gun preferably one that shares magazines with the first one you bought.

Honestly IMO from observing stock guns being opened in fields (keep in mind I don't touch anything AEG unless it's a hardball gun shooting 600+ nowadays) All stock guns are pretty much good enough out of the box, assuming you are not buying the "el cheapo" version IE SPORTLINE etc. I would say that 96% of players didnt buy the gun based on brand, but on how it looks and what was available at the store when they walked in with a handful of cash.
I live in the GTA, so there's lots of stores to choose from and they have different stock which is really nice. For big stores, TA stocks some more obscure brands like Deepfire and Dytac, M1 stocks lots of ICS, ASD has lots of gas guns, and I'm pretty sure if you ask, some of the smaller retailers are more than willing to special order guns they don't usually stock. I didn't consider outside the GTA though, thanks for bringing that up.

I wouldn't recommend a Cyma M4 when there are better brands for the same cost (G&G, Ares, maybe JG). I would recommend one of their AK's as a beginner gun, but the thread was dedicated to M4's specifically because that's the most universal platform we have.

Budget conscious beginner M4 brands would be Ares (preferably their Amoeba line), G&G, maybe ICS (still no experience, so I'm kind of hesitant about putting them on the list), yes?

Sidearm, yes agree with what you said (but then this was a guide for a beginner M4...).

As for the walk in and buy... that's kind of why I want to try and provide a way for them to start researching instead of just randomly buying something they have no idea about. Pretty sure informed consumers would be happier with their purchase than somebody buying a junky POS based on looks alone. Don't forget, the sportlines look pretty similar to the higher ends and beginners probably won't be able to tell the difference as they are mainly internal and since FPS is similar and the sportline is cheap, they'll probably end up choosing that.

@Superhog: Yeah, I know. But nothing we can do about that. If they're smart, they'll take this community's advice and odds are, they'll be more satisfied with it and save more money in the long run. There are a few users who did that I think (I hope anyways).

@ThunderCactus: But G&P's usually work alright out of the box, right? So that issue is only if they start opening it up and tampering with it, and if they were using it as a base gun for a build/upgrade platform, then they'd be getting a tech to work with it who hopefully knows what they're doing. I mentioned G&P in the high-end upgrade section only of the thread for that reason.

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