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Originally Posted by Datawraith View Post
@MattG666: Amoeba's are generally regarded as a step up from a basic Ares. From what I've heard, they aren't bad at all. Will have to add that in an update.

@ThunderCactus: I agree; that's why I recommended AEG's instead of GBBR's as a beginner gun.

@Azazoth: I will hopefully update this a few times a year if/when I get new information. On that note though, opinions on Dytac/Deepfire/more recent guns you think are suitable to put on a beginner M4 list?

@Ricochet: Holy that's a long paragraph, although I think it does mostly confirm what I've written as the main thread (please tell me if I'm wrong on that).

@Superhog: Mmm, for those that can afford multiple guns perhaps. But this is mainly a thread for a BEGINNER gun, i.e. first gun.

@Morphine117: I will have to update and add G&G sometime to the list as a budget beginner M4, whenever I'm not too busy.

@Amoki: I don't have any experience with ICS, so I don't feel qualified to give an opinion on them. Split gearbox design is nice and convenient, but I don't know what the quality of it is nor how well it shoots. Also, you mentioned it is a great piece AFTER shaving the 2nd tooth and replacing the motor, which isn't ideal for a beginner (unless they pay a tech/gundoc to do it immediately after purchase, which again, is not ideal). I know that G&P's aren't compatible with some magazine brands, but I've never heard of FPS gain or loss like that... Their receiver externals are beautiful though, which is why a lot of builds use their bodies (other than that non-closing cover).

In my opinion their is no real reason to put any manufacturer on this list that is not readily available in Canada. Which basically leaves

King Arms


Unless you want to fully disclosed how to self import then having a more comprehensive list would then be beneficial, and make more sense. I have yet to see a deepfire or DYTAC complete AEG in Canada in the last 10 years, including some really odd ball gun brands is truly a waste of your limited time. I wouldn't even include TM, classic army or JG.

Canada is a huge country, their could be geographic differences in what is readily available. I suspect that Ontario/Quebec has a far larger variety of brands of guns available due to bootlegging from south of the border, Alberta appears to be dominated in order by these brands.


Speaking of which. I would add into the guide, Do not buy a sidearm if you are a newbie, Buy a SECOND long gun preferably one that shares magazines with the first one you bought.

Honestly IMO from observing stock guns being opened in fields (keep in mind I don't touch anything AEG unless it's a hardball gun shooting 600+ nowadays) All stock guns are pretty much good enough out of the box, assuming you are not buying the "el cheapo" version IE SPORTLINE etc. I would say that 96% of players didnt buy the gun based on brand, but on how it looks and what was available at the store when they walked in with a handful of cash.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
WANTED PTW Receiver PRIME, STG, Factory

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