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Originally Posted by Slodin View Post
nooo, GBBR is pretty unreliable...I saw one guy using it at a temp about 5-8degrees outside in the rain, it just didn't want to work, saw the gun keep on puffing a lot of gas with each trigger pull...I had to stick to him to provide protection while he was trying to figure out what is going on..they are super expensive too...funny my pistol was working just fine using the same kind of propane gas..that felt me an negative impression with GBBRs ever since

maybe external HPA tanks would help? cause they are okay with cold temp.

I'm just here to comment on that GBBR...I don't play with any M4 AEG other than 1 round with my friends G&G misfeed a handful of times, fire selector got stuck on semi and won't fire.
Wrong gas - at that temperature you want to use MAPP gas, and maybe improve the seal between the nozzle and carrier. That's all it is.
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