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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
"Best m4"
I think its a good buyers guide. Good idea, anyway.
Just be sure to update the thread once every 5 years, i think theres another thread around here that implies ca and tm still make good guns LOL
More like everry 6-12 months. AEGs have come a very long way over the last 8 years.

G&G went from a pile of useless garbage ~2010 to a legitimately 'quality' starter gun.

KWA started being seen in Canada around 2012, it was not as good as the KWA USA brand, now it sits as a "quality" entry level gun ~2013

Celsius has been around since 2009 and is famous for being the first PTW clone. It's most current generation (7?) not anywhere near as good as a Systema 2008.

SOCOM Gear stuff is rebrand but it's quality varies from each model gun and batch as was previously mentioned. "BEST" electric M4 is a bad idea for a thread, each year their are dozens of M4 models released by each manufacturer and revisions to each of the existing models. Go to a SHOT show or a toy con and you can hear the speech each year how things are "different" or improved.

As for TM Its a great stock gun, terrible upgrader, even in Japan you don't see many TM's sold in stores. The market is dominated by ACM stuff.
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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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