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Problem with GBBRs is as a FIRST (and therefore ONLY) noob gun, you have to meet the following criteria:

-moderate entry cost (not a $700 G&P)
-reliable (there are a few that are pretty darn reliable)
-probably don't want to spend more than $15 per mag right off the bat ($400 GBBR, $300 for 5 more mags)
-reliability would also fall unto the mags for a GBBR, which as we all know are a serious pain. (Unless there's a GBBR out there that has mags on par with pistols for reliability, like the vector)
-Varying temperature performance (it's your only gun, assume you'll be using it -5 to +30)
-Probably don't want it joule creeping like crazy. (I know you just spend $800 on that GBBR package, but you can't use it until you spend another $60 on an NPAS)
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