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For the small essentials, make use of your pockets. If you've got sleeve pockets, pant pockets, cargo pockets, use them! You don't need to put your compass in a mag pouch, or have an admin pouch for your notepad and kill rag.

You should not have a need for anything bigger than what you can fit on your load bearing gear, if you have a CP that you can return to.
If you're playing a game with no CP, and you have to game with what you have on your back for 24 hours (aka the most fun games), then a backpack is just fine. Toss your food, BBs, layers, tarp, and spare water inside, attach your ranger blanket to the outside, and you're good to go. Almost everything else can fit on your person.

Cinch your pack tight to your body, and make sure you can at least clip the pack across your sternum. Even better if your pack has a waist strap. Cinching it tight includes cinching the shoulder straps tight, and that's something a lot of people forget, or don't realize that "it could be tighter" - it should ride up high on your back. This will keep a regular backpack (as in, one that's not already purpose built for large loads across long distances) comfortable over long periods, and reduce wobble when you run.

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