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That's actually quiet a bit more than you need for only 12 hours.

Aside from what you need to actually play (foot wear, eye pro, comms, gun, mags, gas/batteries, BBs, load bearing gear, kill rag/light, watch), all you should need at a 12 hour is:

* Food. You probably won't need very much. MREs are fine, and toss in some granola bars or something. Most people find that they don't eat much when they're active - your body just slows down digestion, so you can do what you need to do.
Personally, I just pack of a can of chunky stew for a meal, some granola bars for a snack, and maybe a PB&J sandwich.
* Water. Expect to go through at least 8 litres in a 12 hour game, and pack more.
* A change of clothes - or at least a base layer. If your base layer gets soaked in sweat, and the sun goes down, it's going to be unpleasant.
* Something to sit on to keep you elevated and allow you to bend your knees. The dollar store has awesome foldable stools that are cheap enough to forget somewhere, but small, convenient, and sturdy. If you can bring a chair with a back to CP, you'll be the envy of everybody. This is pretty optional.
* A ranger blanket, so you can sit/lay on the ground. This is very much optional though.
* Weather appropriate clothing. ie a poncho/rain jacket/goretex everything. If it's going to be cold (outside of winter) it's best to wear some warm layers under your BDU, rather than putting a poofy layer on top.
* Hand warmers. Because they are awesome when you're cold. Hold them against the back of your neck or against your throat when you're standing around, or toss them in your pockets (against the femoral artery in your thigh) when you move.

And that's it. In a 12 hours OP, you're not going to be sleeping. If you get cold, just start moving. If it rains on you, then learn to enjoy the suck. You should be able to toss on your gear at your car, and have your food, change of clothes, water, and everything else, in your pockets or in your ruck.

As you play more, you'll learn what you find useful, and bring them along. eg a compass, a waterproof notebook and pen, multitool, electrical tape, spare radio batteries, glowsticks, a flashlight that isn't attached to your gun, boots that drain water, a good base layer, a good outer layer, a good tarp (eg made of silnylon) with paracord, etc.

I imagine that what you'll find on your first few games, is you'll pack a shit ton of stuff, that ends up never being used. Learn what you need, and only bring that. I've started trying to pack as light as I can for long games. You should be able to survive out of your backpack and pockets/pouches, without the need to even go back to CP except to respawn.

As for poop, immodium may be your friend. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable though, so you should definitely try it before you take it on the field. I know people that have experienced stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, and anxiety. It can really mess you up at an OP.
I like it though. It may mess with your pooping for a few days (unless you happen to have diarrhea at the time), and taking too much (only take one per 24 hours, or as instructed!) will make you feel really unhappy. My description for the first time that I took 3 pills in a ~36 hour period, was "feeling uncomfortably full for the next few days".
It can also lead to constipation, which can grow into a pretty bad thing. So consider immodium sparingly, if you're not taking it for its actual purpose.
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