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Originally Posted by Rossco66 View Post
John we clearly didn't account for the declination at the Hill437 field. Earth's magnetic pole drift is particularly impactful on SR25s all over the greater Hamilton Wentworth area I hear.

Clearly a lemon. Your patience with it and the guys that sold it to you far out range anything that I could muster up. Dressed up as a Blue Jay or not. :smack:
Ha!! Thanks. I totally forgot about that, and the roaming high-gravity wells that spring up from time to time.

As for patience, you should see me golf. 18 Holes, 48 balls (plus some I find while looking for mine), 120 strokes (not counting some that I miss the ball altogether, if nobody is watching too closely)... and I am always the DD, so no beer involved, sadly!

I should just watch for Ben's classified sales and put in an offer.
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