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John we clearly didn't account for the declination at the Hill437 field. Earth's magnetic pole drift is particularly impactful on SR25s all over the greater Hamilton Wentworth area I hear.

Clearly a lemon. Your patience with it and the guys that sold it to you far out range anything that I could muster up. Dressed up as a Blue Jay or not. :smack:

Originally Posted by Brengun View Post
I have a couple of other G&Gs... that worked great out of the box. Interested in this gun, I watched a bunch of Youtube vids (including Levelcap) going on about how good the G&G SR25 was out of the box. So I dropped the $500+ bucks, bought a bunch of G&G mags (at $50+ a pop), and new mag pouches.

My experience was completely unhappy. (Again, my 2 other G&Gs were decent, without any upgrades, so not a slam against the company or the platform).

It arrived two days before the last game of the season. I didn't have anywhere to go test-fire it, so I loaded all my stuff up the night before the game, charged up the batteries, and changed my PC from the M4 platform to the SR25 platform. When I arrived at the field, I chrono'd the gun. I was hoping it would be within field limits, as I heard this could go over 400 FPS. Yup... I was well within field limits. I was shooting 185 FPS, with .20.

Ok, clearly a defect. Sucked to have to re-arm my PC, mags, pouches, and all for the M4 again, (thank god I brought them) and it wasted 20 minutes of game time, but it is what it is.

Contacted the store that sold it to me, who replied "not our issue... return it to G&G in St Catherines". They were nice enough to provide the address at least. I wanted to drive it down there, as it would be a 45 minute drive, and I could spend some time perusing Niagara Quartermaster. Nope... I had to mail it.

$45 later, I sent it through the mail. I added package tracking, so I knew it had arrived. The G&G guy took a while to actually confirm that it did. A couple of weeks later I learned (after sending a few emails) that it was, in fact, defective, and they were replacing it. 3 Weeks after that. I got it back in the mail.

I test-fired it in my basement, and confirmed that --at 20 feet-- it could put a hole in a cardboard box. It was winter, so I couldn't field it to see what it could do, or if it would live up to its rep.

Early this spring, I decide that I would take it to a very, very reputable gunsmith. He disassembled it in front of me, (actually pointing out some flaws / scratches on the internals --as if it was refurbished), and walked me through what he would upgrade. He upgraded several parts, gave it a thorough cleaning / shimming, and tested it at around 400 fps (which was my request).

Giddy with excitement, I reconverted my kit from M4 to SR25 for the first game of the season. When the game started, I found that I had to literally lob BBs at targets as close as 40 feet away. I (figuratively) could pick up a handful of BBs and throw them and get better range. So the season opener saw me lugging around a chunk of metal that looked really cool, but couldn't out-shoot a BlueJay coughing up an undigested sunflower seed. This Gun Doc is the best in the business, and he is going to investigate the issue, and I don't fault him at all. This gun, or maybe just me, is cursed.

In all, a $500+ gun, $250 worth of mags, 60$ pouches, $300 upgrades... and it is a lemon.
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