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Originally Posted by daishi View Post
Almost all airsoft guns are DMR's due to semi only rules at most fields. Very rarely will you get to use full auto.

Personally I would go with a VFC Scar Heavy, plus the fact that you can dress it up to actually look like a DMR platform. I would normal say to get a GBBR, since that will teach you to treasure your shots unlike the 300+ rounds per mag AEG users. Unfortunately I am not sure of any good out of box GBBR, since they all need some loving care when you get them.

For "DMR" you can make anything into a "DMR" it depends what platform you want.

SCAR-H is a lovely DMR platform, but mags are expensive, and proprietary.

Just grab a VFC M4 with whateva tradesmarks you want and build from that, best externals.
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