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You might want to contact the RCMP and give them a heads up, in case this rifle pops up in Burnaby or something. Then again, DTES is probably where it went.

Originally Posted by The President View Post
My airsoft bag got smash and grabbed tonight right downtown. It was a King Arms Socom Desert Digital full metal M4 with about 7 mags and I think four Plastic UMP mags. It had a weaver rail on the lower handguard, broken bolt catch and a Lucid HD7 sight. It had extended battery wires, soldered and heat shrink wrapped in the handguard with the retention clip broken and the camo was discoloured by the rear takedown pin. I think left side of the receiver. There was also a crappy single nunchuck battery in the bag and I think a genuine black grip-pod. Also stolen was a bag with a Asus gaming laptop and some other stuff. Oh, also, for some reason when you shoot it, It curves to the right really bad. It was in a soft green rifle case that had two big main conpartments and three pouches on the front. The two pulls on the zipper are broken. I brought it into town to have Damage look at it, but it looks like that won't be necessary.

I'm not local, so if anyone spots the rifle on CL or one of the fields by some freak chance, I'd appreciate a message. I already contacted the VPD, so we'll see how it goes.

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