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The event

So I just had the event. As far as I can tell, it was a success.

I was approached by 3 different media
-the event staff
-The local newspaper
-A reporter from the CBC

The event staff were really brief, just a couple of pictures and a media release.

The local newspaper wanted the same thing, but with a little expatiation about "what is all this"

The CBC was a little more interesting. They didn't actually approach me directly. They caught one of my guys coming out of the washroom and wanted to speak to him. After our morning media brief he did the right thing and said nothing, just redirect him to me. The reporter quietly turned on his recorder. I was watching, I was ready. The very first question he asked me was something like this, "The last report I did about airsoft was after the RCMP responded to a young man who pointed a pistol out a window." I had been keeping up with the news and already knew about that story. I had an answer prepared. I said something along the lines of "These guns do look very realistic and one should always treat them just the same as if they were a real firearm." He seemed disappointed that I didn't give him the answer he wanted. The conversation took a very sharp turn from there with real substantial questions such as talking about the event and volunteer options, and was quite brief.

The guys listening to the conversation are confident I didn't give him what he was looking for. Only time will tell to see if I did a good enough job.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.
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