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Without going too "Jacques Derrida" into this, you should be aware that there are a few factors at play. The "intended audience", vs the "actual audience".... and what you mean to say, vs what you are actually saying. Or, in other words, the message that you think you are projecting may be interpreted much differently by the people who are writing it and reading it.

As someone who has been into mountain / rock / ice climbing for many years, I have had my share of media exposure. Just as Twelvecarpileup said, what you say is often taken out of context (by someone who, while well-meaning, has no idea what you actually do, has a pre-conceived notion of your activity, is trying to write for their intended audience, which is interpreted completely differently by the actual readers).

Long story short, keep it simple, fun, and politically correct. Hit on some key popular motivators like "exercise", "environmentalism" (respecting the environment while enjoying it), and "diversity" (people from all walks of life --and especially social status-- enjoy this sport. Nothing screams "respectable" like having a doctor, teacher, garbage-man and a student enjoying the same activity).
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