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I've worked in broadcast media for a few years, but am only somewhat familiar with print news.

Do not have a bunch of guns and be super excited to talk about how great your guns are. Most people don't relate to that at all and will immediately alienate people very quickly.

Don't go too full with the military gear/dressing like real life soldiers. Very easy to look bad. And if anyone at your field does the whole "playing like a WW2 german soldier" make sure they don't for the event.

Paper quotes can be weird... The worst thing you say can be quoted in papers. So keep it short, upbeat and fun. But keep in mind it's super easy to twist your words without changing anything.


"How come you play airsoft?"

"I've been into paintball since high school, and eventually met some friends who were into airsoft. I've been doing it for a few years now and met a ton of great people. And you know, I love collecting airsoft guns and *Laughs* it's just fun to go shoot your friends in the forest, ha ha!"

In a newspaper Could be printed as:

Bob's been playing airsoft since highschool, and has always been fascinated by guns. "It's just fun to go and shoot at your friends in the forest!"

I wouldn't worry too much about it though, since airsoft doesn't seem to be the focus. Unless you have someone say something particularly weird, or do something really dumb, they're not going to focus on it. More then likely would just be a passing shot, or a quick sound clip.
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