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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Systema PTW M4 CQB/CQC. All the accuracy and range of the longer barreled models, but much shorter and wield-able. Throw a black cylinder in 'er and you're good for indoors.

A good budget option is the VFC XCR.

Lol I think you missed the part where he said $250 or less LOL, my barrel and hopup in my ptw was $350 and vfc haven't seen one even used under $400 lately.

For your price range you are very limited in options.... g&g, elite force, polymer Ares. Other than that you are looking $350-550 for something in the intermediate range. Personally I would go used you can get more mags and batteries and a charger that way, because don't fool yourself that add's a couple hundred pretty fast.
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