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Try to keep your statements self contained, so that they can't be edited. That's a problem that a lot of people run into when talking to the media on topics that can get a lot of spin.

For example, if they ask: "these guns look like they could take out an eye. What happens when you get shot in the face?"

Do not: "Well, people shoot each other in the face a lot, and serious injuries can occur. Of course, people use properly rated eye pro, so those injuries are mitigated"
(That last sentence can just get edited straight out. Either on purpose, or just because the segment is short on time, and they had to "get the short and sweet point across")

Do: "Well, because we use ballistic rated eye pro, it is safe to shoot each other in the face without losing an eye".

It takes a lot of practice to spin a sentence like that, and keep it self contained, so don't focus on that point too much. But it's something to keep in mind.
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