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Originally Posted by bobthemonky
hey its not like every kid with a airsoft gun is a dumbass i had 1 for 2 months
the only time it has bin out of the case is when im airsofting or showing a frend with my dad around
Continuing to be an exception to the rule sets an example for all, and yourself. Good for you, and the sport - keep it up Bob. If you look at who takes a fake glock, stuffs it in their pants and walks around the local mall to fulfill an insecurity however, its highly likely that person is a teenager. The police already have had a few incidents to this effect and have asked parents in the Calgary area to 'turn in' any replica weapons they find. Hence, for the good of the sport, airsoft must be entrusted to those with the outlook to the big picture who know the time and place to enjoy it responsibly, reliably. Be happy it is the case, for without these rules, more airsofts would be in the hands of those more likely to endanger the sport (and themselves) and in the end no one at all would have access. This sport is already banned in Australia and is on tenuous ground both here and in the UK. I personally would support not only an age restriction, but also private certification - a license. Any human being demonstrating a lack of responsiblity to others (ie. a criminal record) adults included should also not have access to replica firearms. This sport will survive based on the conduct of its owners and I for one would have no problems going on the record as a responsible owner.
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