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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
he is reputable.
But what you want to do is just buy some motor connectors. They crimp on no soldering. They are a few bucks. should have em, airsoftstore too. Its an easy fix. Cut off the old one, strip a bit of the wire and crimp it in with some pliers. Heat up the newheat shrink with a blow dryer or carefully with a lighter. Done! Good luck
There ya go. Two 90 two 180 and heat srink. 4.50
Well blow me down. I'll have to pick a few up for future endeavors/rainy days, I'm still going to sent it off to let someone who knows what they're doing to set me up proper. And thanks for answering my question about the tech, it's appreciated. I've sunk enough money into this CTAC, I'm done fiddling and I just want to get my monies worth by actually playing with it in a game. And in hindsight I shouldn't have gotten such an expensive/high end AEG for my first high performance airsoft gun & first project build but live & learn and all that. With all that said at least now I have a decent enough background in V2 gearboxes/the AR platform as a whole that I feel confident in doing some maintenance work on it down the road. Gotta keep that stick on the ice & look at the positives of this ordeal.
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