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Soldering Broken Motor Connector & Shimming; DIY or send to a proper tech?

I'm at my wits end here, it just seems like one set back after another with this project. I got a new mock suppressor for my CTAC M4 and I was like "Hurr Imma slap this puppy together to admire it before ripping it apart again to shim it this weekend" (As I already had the upper and lower in pieces from a previous shimming attempt). In the process I end up bending the negative motor connector and it breaks of course, and I have never soldered before while the only iron I have without buying a new one is a big 120w/120v Weller chisel soldering iron my mom uses for stained glass artwork. My noob question of the day is, should I tough it out and continue working on this stubborn mule of a piece of aluminum and polymer (as well; should I get a proper pencil style soldering iron or just use an edge of the chisel iron, either way if I continue myself I'll need to buy some actual electrical purpose solder) or should I just say f*** it and send it to a local technician? May seem like a personal question but I'm really on the fence about which action I should take, keep it clean. :banghead:
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