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I can confirm that most field here in BC do use Bio's only as of 2013/2014 season's (not by choice either but rather forced too). I also know that most fields here in BC out right ban the use of wire mess goggles on the proven/tested fact that non-bio's have shattered on them, thus causing for major concern when using Bio's which do shatter becomes as a safety issue.
It had been a safety concern at the LMAG club in the past and was addressed since we made the switch to Bio BB's, plus since the field's we use do not allow Mesh goggles on their field's, except BigFoot Games in Mission (not sure if that is current), it hasn't been a issue.
Why would want to risk your eye's when there is a huge market of eye wear available for Airsoft.
That's what you said last time, Then look what happened!

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