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Originally Posted by Lokes
Originally Posted by Polo609
Im paying 815 dollars for my gun, so in the mean while i'm thinking of renting a gun for the next big event here in QC. So anything under 50 is fine for me hehe thanks guys.

$815 eh. What are you getting thats so much out of the box?
G&G GR16-R5. metal sex, its expensive, but its got everything im looking for!
heres what i plan to do with it as soon as i get it!
this is what the gun looks like stock:

this is what im trying to get it to look like(real steel pics, this is one of the main rifles used in iraq):

This is what it should look like, not yet finished though, i photoshoped an aimpoint on there.

this is whats gonna go on the gun

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Coming soon...
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