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Here is an example.
The field i play at most allows us to use mesh. They also have a no bio rule. So if you showed up there shooting bio's knowing they are not to be used id likely have a case against you.
as a general rule you cant use mesh at most fields. any place that uses bios or either should not use mesh. if you use mesh at a field u have to clearly have a no bio rule. And even when not using bios there is still a risk of crappy bb's or even good ones that can fragment it is a risk you take. I often use mesh when sniping but if im runnin and gunnin i stick to full seal just due to the high volume of fire/greater risk.
also should add the mesh i use has been tested with 500fps point blank with a .20 And a .36 with no damage. It is a woven steel mesh, got em in 2009 i think on a team group buy and have had no issues other than the odd bb "dust" when getting hit in the goggles.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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