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A lot of the fields around here are bio only... and a lot of players around here wear mesh. The short story is, this kind of scenario doesn't happen. There's a few reasons for this, the first is that by the time the BB reaches the mesh goggle, it doesn't have enough energy left to shatter. The second is that good quality bio BBs (bastards, madbull PLA, etc.) are not any more likely to shatter than quality regular BBs.

Also, a player I know well around here happened to be shot in the mesh at very close range by a cheap bio BB that shattered and although it surprised him, he received no damage whatsoever and described the even as receiving a bit of sand in the face at low velocity. This is because the total energy of the BB is split between each shard, and in turn those shards are really small and weight almost nothing, thus they are really unlikely to cause damage even to your eye. Also, most of the shards won't even go through the mesh.

The only real danger would be in CQB games with no MED, but then again, no one uses mesh inside because you can't see anything in darker areas.

So there's nothing to be scared about, if mesh goggles were that terrible, we'd constantly keep hearing about people being hurt by shattered BBs, while in reality, you will probably get hit by lightning once or twice and win the lottery before that happens.
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