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This is a good point to discuss since there are several retail links visible from each page, and those are visible to unverified members or people who are not signed into the site.

Right now in the top and bottom right corners I see a site advertiser; Venture Airsoft. When I hit preview the display is Mach 1. On the top banner I see links for retailers and international retailers.

I don't see anything in the rules or wrong with referring a new player to a site advertiser's store. Most of those locations will have an on site age verifier and are otherwise aware of not to sell to minors.

Folks used to put info about items they had for sale in their signatures or comment on them in the clear when someone posted on here "where can I get a Redwolf Glock" they'd say flog their own goods without regard to the rules to make a sale. They didn't care short of gaining the short term profits vs. a brick and mortar store that's been involved here for a decade and is more than willing to show a 12 year old kid with his mom's visa card the door.
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