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What kind of airsoft are you doing? Where are you playing and whom are you playing with? What's your budget? There's a ridiculous amount of information on here, so try using the search bar and read, read, read.

Start with a reliable gun and proper ballistic eyewear.

- G&G Combat Machines are pretty cheap at around $150 - $300 (that doesn't include batteries, magazines, ammo, a charger, etc)

- Smith Optics Boogie Regulators are good ballistic protection. Or you can get a good set of paintball goggles.

- to get a decent set of camo, pouches, load eating gear, magazines, hat, gun and upgrades, sling, etc, etc, etc, you're looking at around $600 - $1,000.
Hi Ricochet, I appreciate the input you gave but to your queries I'm not sure what to say. I'm a toddler in the airsoft world and I'm here for info on which I can buy my cousin a basic combat bundle. He is a crazy fella about combat games and I thought of giving him much better option, going live. Would you mind explaining the types of airsofts are there? I guess you mean by CO2, gas etc. is that the types you meant? I don't mind about the budget, $1000 is affordable.
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