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Is it blind fire?

Lets say that Im behind a wooden pallet that I can see through. I am firing off from behind it, but only stick my blaster out, or stick it through a hole like in the video below. I cannot see down my sights or my gun, but i can see where they are going. Am I blind firing?


Years ago when i use to paintball, I got shot by a renter sticking his gun out from the side of a wooden pallet. He claimed that it wasnt blind fire as he could see where he was shooting through the pallet. I had always been told that if you cant look down your gun, it was blind fire. However, I decided to let it slide since i was pissed off about the situation(long story), and it was better to back away and cool off. I've thought about it a few times since then, and TBH im not sure if what he was doing could be qualified as blind firing, since he could indeed see where he was shooting.

What do you guys think?
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