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The Rustolium paint is good for metal guns and Krylon for plastic since it uses the fusion tech. I just find it doesnt hold up on metal as well. The only major trick is not to get paint into the internals or barrel or trigger area. Use light coats, so you don't sieze up moving controls ie; selector switch, forward assist ect. I used brake cleaner on metal parts first then used an air compressor to dry it off. Works well to prep the gun for paint. Take your time and plan the design out. Start with the lightest color as a base then go darker... I sometimes use stencils for a camo patern or use masking tape cut out in layers for more complicated designs such as digital ect...there are alot of good youtube vid tutorials out there. Idealy you would want to disasemble the gun before painting and paint each part seperately. But, if not sure how to do it you can do it assembled....just mask off and block areas where no paint should go.
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