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Originally Posted by liam_995
Keep your rules about "Age Verification" and all your paranoia, secrecy and fears among your community and I'll stay out here in the sunshine and not be at all worried if the Feds come to their senses one day and put restrictions on co2 guns that should have been in place a long time ago. Until that day - I'll keep having fun with them and buying and trading them openly on the Internet.

Cheers! :cheers:

If you want to make suggestions, I suggest you make them to the administration. The users of this site are not the ones who make decisions about it, they choose to stay or go baaed on the atmosphere we create here - if people don't like our policy of age verification, they are welcome to go elsewhere.

AV notwithstanding, we are still the largest airsoft site in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. If it's too much to handle to be apart of this community, noone is forcing you to stay.

Furthermore, you should also not let a single thread colour your view of the entire community. I unilaterally implemented age verification (with the support of the staff here, I just didn't tell anyone until I actually threw the switch), and it had nothing to do with being paranoid, or wanting to keep airsoft a secret. In my province, we actually have laws regarding the age requirement for purchasing airsoft, so we enacted age verification to set a standard for the community as a whole. It isn't intended to stop all under age players from getting guns, merely to treat the sport with respect. If their parents or guardian think it's ok for them to own one, I have no problem with it.

If retailers or other communities don't want to follow our standard, that's alright. We're just making an effort to increase - to whatever degree - the maturity level that people will approach the sport with. That is the intention of age verification.

As far as using a doctor to help you get verified, I'd rather extend the verification options to something simpler. I haven't had time to discuss options with the rest of the staff, it might be credit card based, maybe driver's license, who knows, but we're going to try and extend the options available to people who want access to the buy/sell area. If you feel you have constructive advice to give, I would direct it towards the people that make the decisions, rather than slogging it out in a public forum.

Cheers :cheers:
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