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So you honestly think that not even replying to an email for over 4 months is a perfectly acceptable way to act as a Rep? You call that wanting "instant" service? "Too much workload for one person?". You do realize that Vancouver Island has a total population of about 500,000 people, of which I seriously doubt less that 1/4 of 1% have any interest in getting "Age Verified" on Airsoft Canada...and that is a very conservative estimation. So, at MOST, there might be 125 people sending off one email each over the course of a year to one person. And those 125 emails, spaced over a year, can't at least get back a reply of some sort - to show their "Rep" is doing what he voluntered for...?

I just read a "Junk" thread on "clear" CT Crosman Soft Air guns and got a real good look at the secrecy and paranoia that permeate this community. Everyone is so worried about the Feds banning Airsoft that you are all walking on eggs all the time when it comes to your "too realistic" looking guns. I won't rehash the massive thread that it became - but it made me feel claustrophobic just reading all the remarks about how "one" incident could cause Airsoft guns to be banned. And yet Co2 pellet guns (which I own a few, one a perfect looking copy of a Glock - and yes could kill with a shot thru the eyeball into the cerebral cortex, and yes are often used to kill small game animals and "nuisance" animals - even non-Pal versions), and Paintball guns (too large and flashy to be banned - yet kids have been charged with deliberately firing at people from a moving car) are O.K. because they aren't these (oh, my god!) so, so dangerous, dreaded "too realistic" Airsoft Guns...

Keep your rules about "Age Verification" and all your paranoia, secrecy and fears among your community and I'll stay out here in the sunshine and not be at all worried if the Feds come to their senses one day and put restrictions on co2 guns that should have been in place a long time ago. Until that day - I'll keep having fun with them and buying and trading them openly on the Internet.

Cheers! :cheers:
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