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Originally Posted by liam_995
Oh - just a small note. I went back and checked my email logs, and apparently it was more like 4 months ago I tried to contacy my V.I. Rep...and this is the best and only system you will accept for Age Verification? And you wonder why I am trying to offer alternatives. :smack:
Look. Regional age verification reps aren't on call, 24/7, to the beck and demand of any Joe Airsofter out there. They don't do AV for a living. They have jobs, families, and other commitments that on the grand scale of things often outweigh airsoft, despite what we all say about being HARDKOR.

Most of these reps do AV whenever they can. I'm sure many have gone out of their way to. No one sits at home, refreshing ASC and their PM box, just waiting for another person to request verification, then jump in their batmobile and get to the interested party at lightspeed. I'm sure you have your own priorities as well - would you rather a) spend quality time with your kids on the one weekend when you have no take-home work, or b) spend the entire day driving all over the goddamn place verifying airsofters in ones and twos?

Are there problems with ASC's AV process? Probably. Is introducing new third, fourth, fifth parties the answer? Probably not. Is clogging up ANY professional worker's time the answer? Absolutely not. As has been said, we're looking into getting more reps per area - but you don't just get any Joe Airsofter with 1 month on the board and is just a fresh AV'er himself to turn around and start collecting AVs.

The AV protocol here is for the ability to see and post in the restricted areas of the forum, namely the Buy and Sell areas for guns. Tru, and any other retailier, sit outside of this process. They are self-run distributors and have established their own rules. Don't want to be AV'd but need that airsoft gun right this second? Buy from Tru or any other distributor.

Not unlike a driver's license, a motorcycle license, a trucker's license (sorry FF!), LSAT scores, mail-order brides, and Canada Post regular parcel shipping, things don't happen unto you overnight. You have to wait... and in many cases, wait and wait. This is especially true when the process in question is of a much lower priority. Like in the doctor's office, take a seat, grab a dog-eared copy of last month's Cosmopolitan, and wait patiently.
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