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Originally Posted by liam_995
Oh - just a small note. I went back and checked my email logs, and apparently it was more like 4 months ago I tried to contacy my V.I. Rep...and this is the best and only system you will accept for Age Verification? And you wonder why I am trying to offer alternatives. :smack:
If you are unhappy with your local rep, contact Meat, and explain the situation.

Reps are not going to call your Doctor, Dentist, Mechanic, or corner store cashier to make sure the papers you fax are you and are authentic. As for having other sellers verify you, well some of the sellers/buyers are 18 and still hang with 16-17 year olds. I'm not saying all would verify their 16 year old buddies, I'm just saying there are too many holes.

Keep beating the bushes though, you may just come up with a viable solution.
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