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Originally Posted by HKGhost View Post
I guess I need to update my profile too.

Province: Ontario
City/Town: Mississauga (Cawthra & Dundas)
ASC Name: HKGhost
Real Name: Tom
Services offered:
Platforms: AEGs, Gas Pistols & Rifles, Gas Mag & Grenades.
Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade/Downgrade, Modification and Custom building.
I can do just about anything. Everything is possible, all you have to do is ask.

contact: PM or email:
Also Going to Vouch for Tom. Not only is he amazing, He is Honest and Fair. Told him my GBB Pistol Mag was not feeding and had lots of Leaking. He fixed it for me as my seals were just dry and needed better lubrication (Was New to GBB Stuff back then) He lubed the o-rings and cleaned everything out and when I came to pick it up, he refused my money. Said it was a small job and payment wasnt necessary. Still gave him some cash for his time and honesty. +1000 Recommended.
In Soviet Russia,Road Forks you!
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