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+1 to getting AV'd.
You'll have access to info we can't give you without you being verified as age appropriate. As well, you'll have access to AirsoftCanada's classifieds, where I've bought 90% of my guns for much lower prices.
As for which brands? Yes, TM is the standard by which all others are judged. Let's put it in car-speak. If Nissan sells the Skyline GTR, and I get a Skyline GTS4, I'm not necessarily getting a lesser car at all.
You don't have to get TM in order to have a great gun.
I had a less expensive Stark Arms (VFC) Glock18C, and it was simply beautiful. Metal slide and all. Years ago, I owned a real Glock 23, and the ergonomics and function (minus the select fire) is dead on accurate to my former G23.
As well, a lot of members think ill of WeTech, but I've never had a serious problem with a We gun yet. A quick trip to your local army surplus store (for me, Hero's in Oshawa) will provide you the opportunity to feel and fondle what might be right for you.
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