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green gas info

That totally depends on how often you shoot. In my case, I haven't played a game yet; only shot in my back yard...a lot.
Through last summer, fall and this spring, I've gone through about a tank and a half (1.5) of propane, mixed with a $15 purchase of a propane adapter and oil. As it stands, I have yet to dl finish this propane tank, and start a new one.
I've spent roughly $15, and have two Canadian Tire propane tanks ready to party.
My ass is dirt poor, i can afford little, and because of how well GG works, I really don't feel let down at all.
If you start gaming, a few CanTire specials on propane will do well for you.
As for all things, look for promotions, and buy smart, or be a silly twat, and hit whatever you like whenever you like.
One option might keep you in your girl's good graces; the other most certainly will not.

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