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How many sellers who have websites have you bought from who may have asked for I.D. (DL) on first transaction and now will ship to you no problem? (Trumart is one, for example - read his f.a.q.! I can buy anything I want from him, as long as I fax my DL - doesn't that sort of shoot down your whole age verification process to keep AEGs out of under-age buyers right out the window...? If it's good enough for him... ). Or sellers well known to members of this community should be more than acceptable.

And if my dentist who I've been seeing for 15 years is willing to help me out - what's wrong with that? Isn't that between him and me - and no one else's business?

You keep throwing up those objections - and I'll keep replying to them.

Cheers! :nod:
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