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Echigoya is a Japanese based Airsoft retailer. They have recently opened a new branch store in California USA.

The Answer to your million dollar question is No.

Unless you upgrade the AEG or GBBP/GBBR in question to fire 366 fps with 0.2 gram BBs, the gun you are trying to import will be seized and sent back to sender or destroyed.

If your gun isn't declared properly and is not listed on the Fireams reference table maintained by the RCMP the gun will be taken in for further testing. CSBA can take from as little as 1 or 2 Weeks to 1-2 Years, Although the average time for testing is around 2 months.

Importing the gun into Canada means you truthfully declare the gun is firing up to speed, the intended market of the product and a short blurb about the importation regulations.

CSBA may still chose to seize it and submit the gun in question to more testing.

Any other way of trying to pass it off as something else is considered smuggling.

Sources* Me and My Team have imported BE Type 89s into the country. One gun got through only held for about 2 weeks, but customs damaged the hopup unit.

Second gun was held for 2 months and released with alot of scratch marks.

Third gun was held for 2 months and the box was never opened

Fourth gun was lost by CSBA

Morale of the story you can avoid alot of headache buying from Retailers in country. Buying outside isn't much cheaper and isn't worth it unless you are importing a rare gun.

CSBA releases guns when the rack is full

Just my 2 cents.
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