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Originally Posted by liam_995
Ah - did you notice all the other professions I mentioned, guys...? And what about the sellers of items to this community - isn't their word good enough for you? Isn't there a basis of trust with them that has been built up? If they will age verify someone - isn't that more than good enough...

And by the way - all my appointments with my doctor are health related and necessary - I was just suggesting during ONE of these visits that he take an extra 60 seconds to help out with the Age Verification process. If that offends anyone... :shock:

i think using a public servant is an idea but the bottom line is that it's not their job. it's like asking you gardener to take a few minutes to wash your car.
as for sellers verifying may have built up trust between you and a buyer but how is that gonna verify your age? alot of players on here that do sell accessories but they are not age verified also.
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