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Originally Posted by Derpnation View Post
Awesome so I will deffinatly buy a VFC when I can! and I'll go from there!! thanks for the advice! I was under the impression from years ago that WE was the way to go for a base gun to build off of but I am very very glad you guys have told me otherwise!! last thing I need to do is waste money right now!! Oh just to clear somthing up I don't want you guys thinking I just think I'm good with eletronic components just because I work on pcs and phones on the side my main work is electricial so I am pretty confident when it comes to most electrical components Its my job so I have to know what I'm doing other wise where I work people end up dead! one other thing Since I live in NB and not much goes on here I've been planning a trip for sometime to go to ontario so if I did what field would you guys recomend I go to? I wouldnt be able to go to more than one because I wouldnt be there for very long I'd be a week or two there and then back home. I won't be able to jump into airsoft right away but I can dip my toes into it right now as I have most of the gear I need now and having different hobbies on the go doesnt help but with that being said I do have lots of time to tinker so I imagine I'll do some searching and for a 2nd gun start to build something only reason why is because I feel like if I'm not making something or fixing something im wasting my time.Thank you very much for the input guys!!
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