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Buy a VFC M4 and wait until something breaks. Then, overhaul it. King Arms is a great budget brand and starting point, but in all honesty the stock quality is sub-par, internally and externally. I personally had a WE M4A1 AEG for a year and it was an alright rifle, but the quality was even worse than the King Arms design, mainly for tech work as it has the TM style spring tension release function when you flip the selector to safe. That mixed with sub-par internal and external quality makes it low on my list of worth while platforms.

VFC makes the best AEG rifles across the board, mainly M4/AR platforms are what stand out, but overall VFC has the best factory made quality products. They cost more than other rifles for a reason.

They have the most part compatibility, best stock parts (generally speaking), and their body parts are rock solid for an AEG.

Nearly every AEG PTW killer is based off of a VFC platform. They simply are the best. Buy one. You can leave it as it is and it will run very well, or you can upgrade it into a monster.
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