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Originally Posted by Derpnation View Post
so lets just say I get something like a King Arms M4A1 or a WE M4A1 just like the base model are these easy to modify in terms of body,motor and gears? I'd perfer to buy something fresh.. I work with with electricity and fix small phones and gaming systems on the side and I am very picky and like to know exatly how it is
First step is to not try and be an expert on something you are not. Electrical components of phones and PC parts are completely different from AEG gearboxes. You will spend a sizeable fortune, if not your precious time, building and rebuilding if you do not know what you are doing, which results in something that breaks or needs to be replaced.

I assume you want something to game with, and not a wallhanger? If the former, do not build from scratch. Upgrade an existing or used one. Do some research before buying. This includes the company's background and the technical workings of the gearbox as well.
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