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Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
Wow, really?

I have never used 'green gas', ever. Been using Propane and AI oil for 7+ years.

But somehow my truck gets premium fuel on every fill, oil changes every 5~6K by the dealer (warranty). All my small motors get 91 and stabilizer, oil changes annually or the rated hours, whatever comes first, using recommended or better oil.

Didn't realize I was treating my engines so poorly, fuck me right?

I also use 'expensive' oil on my firearms and anything else that moves.

Oh yeah, never had a problem with the guns I feed propane either.

Thanks for insulating me and all the other propane users based on the choices we make as free Americans.
I am in an area that does not even sell 'green gas'. We did not even hear about it for years after I started playing, and like hell I am shipping it when what I have works perfectly well.
Hehe, very true.. Im using propane, ultra 94 gas and German synthetic oil. I must be insane!
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