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Originally Posted by Foxer2373 View Post
Now green gas vs propane, the same guys who use propane are the same guys that use the shittiest gas and oil in their cars because its cheaper.
Wow, really?

I have never used 'green gas', ever. Been using Propane and AI oil for 7+ years.

But somehow my truck gets premium fuel on every fill, oil changes every 5~6K by the dealer (warranty). All my small motors get 91 and stabilizer, oil changes annually or the rated hours, whatever comes first, using recommended or better oil.

Didn't realize I was treating my engines so poorly, fuck me right?

I also use 'expensive' oil on my firearms and anything else that moves.

Oh yeah, never had a problem with the guns I feed propane either.

Thanks for insulating me and all the other propane users based on the choices we make as free Americans.
I am in an area that does not even sell 'green gas'. We did not even hear about it for years after I started playing, and like hell I am shipping it when what I have works perfectly well.

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