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So much pistol brand. LOST

Drakker, no need to be inflammatory. I understand the fact that he hasn't owned TM means he doesn't have an educated opinion about TM. I do see his point of view that if he has a We Glock that has never failed him, it's a legit argument against the TM or nothing mindset. Consider that many TM users may have taken TM user advice and have never bought otherwise. That TM user would be equally ignorant in his opinion in favour of TM.
For example, I'm hard corps Skyline. I've had an R32 and R33, and have experience with the cars. Now, if I say Skyline or nothing, I'm ignoring how fantastic the Lancer Evolution V or Imprezza 22B really is, though I've had no experience with them.
But because I know Skyline, I have the biased opinion of Skyline or nothing.
His great experience with his We gives him an educated opinion contrary to TM or nothing. I've had three TMs, and loved em all. For the cost, I don't feel let down at all by having my two KJWs.

No offense, just trying to be impartial.
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