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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
I've heard that green gas is overpriced propane, similar to how duster is overpriced compressed air, so i keep grouping them together. I mean, 8-12 dollars for 1 can is pretty expensive vs 5 dollars for a propane cylinder.
Ah, OK I see. It basically is overpriced propane and also technically not in a rated container for transportation. I recall there was some research done into it and the conclusion was it basically was propane without odorants added in, and that's how the AI propane adapter was invented. Also if you actually took the time to read one of the labels (at least on cans back in the day) it actually had a chemical formula that I think was supposed to be physically impossible to synthesize/produce. FYI in case you ever wanted to research it, it was CH2FCF3CH3 (tetraflourethane is CH2FCF3)

Originally Posted by Slono View Post
I thought green gas was basically propane with a scent additive. I never researched green gas though so I could be completely mistaken.
That's actually true, either scented or neutral (without the bitterants that industry adds to propane). Back in the day green gas (or maybe it was Top Gas or Red Gas which are all basically the same thing, although I have a feeling Red Gas was actually MAPP) used to sometimes be referred to as "girl farts". Basically not smelly propane.
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