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I am only trying to improve the system with more options; not replace what you have. My suggestion of using my doctor is simply based on the fact that I have been seeing him over 10 years and he is very proactive about keeping healthy. He would understand immeadiately the positive benefits of engaging in a vigorous social activity such as you engage in and would be happy to spend a minute of his time to help me out. He works out of a clinic, but his patients all make appointments - so sometimes I have to wait a couple of extra minutes for him to finish with another patient; sometimes I get in early. Emergencies are taken care of by the on-call doctor. For me it would be easy to match his signature to one of his prescriptions he writes for can only fake so much ( if you still don't believe all that evidence - you might as well tell me the tooth fairy isn't real...oh, yes a dentist might work as well, hmm?)

Basically, most of us know people in respected professions ( doctor, dentist, lawyer, policeman, teacher, *owners of business's who sell to member's of this community*) who would be willing to take a minute out of their day to help out.

I'm sorry, over 2 months to get to stage 1 (actually being contacted by your local rep) is not just slow - it is more like snail-like; and I believe there might, just possibly, perhaps, maybe, just a thought, don't want to shake the foundations of your system , be alternate ways to be Age Verified (heck, I could just send 3 forms of ID with my signature on it and my home phone #, sign it, fax it to my local rep - and he could have it verified in no time - now that he has replied to my email! Five minutes talking on the phone will give him just as much info as if we met in person - not to mention he might just possibly be able to guess that as an adult, I really don't sound 13 anymore...).

Cheers! :salute:
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