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@pesto: Tokyo7 had a thread a while back about brands, but its incomplete and kind of outdated. I personally don't feel like I have enough knowledge about the details of the brands (other than VFC) so if you have opinions, post them here. If others agree, I will gladly append the guide. The whole point of this is more of a point in a general direction for them to do more research instead of continuously asking the same things. Currently, I haven't found a complete and semi-up-to-date thread that gives all of the necessary information on it that users can be directed to.

@brock0: oh yeah, forgot about that... But, this will hopefully (if I adequately get enough information onto it) provide a thread for everybody to redirect users too.

@thundercactus: ... I honestly can't tell if that's sarcasm (I know the TM bit is, but...) Anything useful to add though? I value your opinion due to the knowledge you've shared (your posts are what I'm basing my accuracy section off of).
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